Additional list of re-education camps in Xinjiang


PostBy: 殷楚楚-chuchu yin

The facilities I identified in this list are very likely re-education camps. But I cannot find supporting evidence such as procurement notices, government records, news, or local sources to confirm that these facilities are indeed re-education camps. This is becoming more and more common after 2018 because Xinjiang government has been more cautious to public information regarding re-education camps. The formal list of re-education camps only includes camps with supporting evidence. This list only includes camps with no supporting evidence other than satellite imagery.

  1. Gulja/ Yining County, Ili

43.980717, 81.535563

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2. Gulja/ Yining City, Ili

43.870143, 81.383824

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3. Zhaosu, Ili

43.182521, 81.135026

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4. Baijiantan, Karamay

45.698504, 85.156210

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5. Kuqa/ Kuche, Aksu

41.753920, 83.019399

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6. Xayar/ Shaya, Aksu

41.233676, 82.835233

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7. Artux/ Atushi, Kizilsu

39.669080, 76.091044

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8. Hotan County, Hotan

37.235631, 79.836379

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9. Hotan County, Hotan

37.239629, 79.850156

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