Hong Kong protesters seize government headquarters, clash with police

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Hong Kong — Hundreds of protesters in Hong Kong swarmed into the legislature’s main building Monday night, tearing down portraits of legislative leaders and spray-painting pro-democracy slogans on the walls of the main chamber. Frustration was mounting over a lack of response from the administration to opposition demands.

Police carrying riot shields and firing tear gas moved in shortly after midnight to clear surrounding streets but appeared to have paused outside the legislative building. A spokesman had earlier broadcast a warning that “appropriate force” would be used in the clearance operation, but there was no immediate word on any arrests or injuries.

Video and images showed police advancing toward the legislature and firing tear gas at protesters near the government headquarters. The crackdown began around midnight.  

Police fire tear gas at protesters near the government headquarters in Hong Kong on July 2, 2019, on the 22nd anniversary of the city’s handover from Britain to China.

The flashing blue and red lights of dozens of police vans and buses lit up the abandoned streets leading to the legislature.

The sharp escalation in tactics came on the anniversary of the former British colony’s return to China, a city holiday, and reflected mounting frustration with Hong Kong’s leader for not responding to protesters’ demands after several weeks of demonstrations.

The protesters whacked away at thick glass windows until they shattered and broke and pried open steel security gates and propped them open with barricades to get inside. Police in riot gear retreated as the protesters entered about 9 p.m., avoiding a confrontation and giving them the run of the building.

A shot inside the Legislature Building in Hong Kong during the protest on July 1, 2019. 

CBS News producer Chris Laible said the demonstrators, mostly young people, earlier erected barricades at building exits where they thought police would come out. They propped doors and gates to the building open with any metal objects they could find, and used umbrellas to try to block the view of police inside the building.  Police shot pepper spray through a hole in the door of the building made by the protesters, which drove them back for a while. But hours later angry demonstrators swarmed into the legislature after prying open metal security curtains. Police appeared to back off as the protesters came in, apparently to avoid a confrontation.

WATCH: @CBSNews was inside Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. See what we saw here. We followed angry protestors who stormed the building. We were told police were coming to take it back. HK’s pan-Democrat’s have called on the city’s leader Carrie Lam to resign. #HongKongProtests pic.twitter.com/FTnJsLno1T— Ramy Inocencio 英若明 (@RamyInocencio) July 1, 2019

The demonstrators stood on lawmakers’ desks in the main legislative chamber, painted over the territory’s emblem high up on a wooden wall and wrote slogans calling for a democratic election of the city’s leader and denouncing now-suspended extradition legislation that sparked the protests. Many wore yellow and white helmets, face masks and the black T-shirts that have become their uniform. Police announced about 10:30 p.m. that they would clear the area, asking protesters to leave.

The actions prompted organizers of a separate peaceful march against the extradition bill to change the endpoint of their protest from the legislature to a nearby park, after police asked them to either call it off or change the route. Police wanted the march to end earlier in the Wan Chai district, but organizers said that would leave out many people who planned to join the march along the way.

Police estimated 190,000 people joined the peaceful march, the third major one in as many weeks. Organizers estimated the number at 550,000.

Anti-Extradition Protesters Rally In Hong Kong
Anti-extradition protesters use makeshift shields to defend themselves during a clash with police outside the Legislative Council Complex ahead of the annual flag raising ceremony of 22nd anniversary of the city’s handover from Britain to China on July 1, 2019 in Hong Kong, China.GETTY

Hong Kong has been wracked by weeks of protests over a government attempt to change extradition laws to allow suspects to be sent to China to face trial. The proposed legislation, on which debate has been suspended indefinitely, increased fears of eroding freedoms in the territory, which Britain returned to China on July 1, 1997.

CBS News correspondent Ramy Inocencio reported from the melee that both the combative protesters and the much larger group marching through Hong Kong’s streets — said by organizers to be about 550,000-strong — were venting anger at the city’s leader, Carrie Lam, and by extension her superiors in Beijing. Lam backed controversial changes to Hong Kong’s extradition law that would let China transfer anyone accused of a crime in Hong Kong into the mainland’s opaque court system. 

A shot inside the Legislature Building in Hong Kong during the protest on July 1, 2019. RAMY INOCENCIO CBS NEWS

Mounting frustration

The annual march was larger this year because of the simmering anger over the proposed extradition bill. Two marches in June against the legislation drew more than a million people, according to organizer estimates.

The government has suspended debate on the bill indefinitely, but protest leaders want it formally withdrawn and for Lam to resign. They also are demanding an independent inquiry into police actions during a June 12 protest, when officers used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters who blocked the legislature on the day debate on the bill had been scheduled to resume.

The police say the use of force was justified, but have since adopted softer tactics, even as protesters besieged police headquarters in recent days, pelting it with eggs and spray-painting slogans on its outer walls.

Earlier, protesters demanding Hong Kong’s embattled leader step down clashed with police outside a flag-raising ceremony marking the anniversary of the former British colony’s return to China. Lam pledged to be more responsive to public sentiment.suspended debate on the bill

Police used riot shields and pepper spray to push back hundreds of helmeted protesters who tried to advance down closed streets toward the harborfront ceremony venue, where the Chinese and Hong Kong flags were raised together and two helicopters and a small flotilla passed by.

At the ceremony, Lam said a series of protests and marches that have attracted hundreds of thousands of students and other participants in recent weeks had taught her that she needs to listen better to the youth, and Hong Kong’s people in general. Lam has come under withering criticism for trying to push through the legislation.

“This has made me fully realize that I, as a politician, have to remind myself all the time of the need to grasp public sentiments accurately,” she said in a five-minute speech to the gathering in the city’s cavernous convention center.

She insisted her government has good intentions but said she “will learn the lesson and ensure that the government’s future work will be closer and more responsive to the aspirations, sentiments and opinions of the community.”

Security guards pushed pro-democracy lawmaker Helena Wong out of the room as she walked backward shouting at Lam to resign and withdraw the “evil” legislation. She later told reporters she was voicing the grievances and opinions of the protesters, who could not get into the event.

New this morning in Hong Kong. Police cordoned off this entrance protestors used to swarm into LegCo last night. The city takes stock of the damage today – physically, psychologically, economically. CE Carrie Lam says she hopes the city will return to normal. #HongKongProtests pic.twitter.com/LqllucWxBC— Ramy Inocencio 英若明 (@RamyInocencio) July 1, 2019

The following morning, Lam said she was hoping Hong Kong would return to normal.

Additional list of re-education camps in Xinjiang

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The facilities I identified in this list are very likely re-education camps. But I cannot find supporting evidence such as procurement notices, government records, news, or local sources to confirm that these facilities are indeed re-education camps. This is becoming more and more common after 2018 because Xinjiang government has been more cautious to public information regarding re-education camps. The formal list of re-education camps only includes camps with supporting evidence. This list only includes camps with no supporting evidence other than satellite imagery.

  1. Gulja/ Yining County, Ili

43.980717, 81.535563

Image for post

2. Gulja/ Yining City, Ili

43.870143, 81.383824

Image for post

3. Zhaosu, Ili

43.182521, 81.135026

Image for post

4. Baijiantan, Karamay

45.698504, 85.156210

Image for post

5. Kuqa/ Kuche, Aksu

41.753920, 83.019399

Image for post

6. Xayar/ Shaya, Aksu

41.233676, 82.835233

Image for post

7. Artux/ Atushi, Kizilsu

39.669080, 76.091044

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8. Hotan County, Hotan

37.235631, 79.836379

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9. Hotan County, Hotan

37.239629, 79.850156

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Xinjiang re-education camps list by cities

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  1. Urumqi City

Tianshan District 天山区

Saybag District 沙依巴克区

Xinshi District 新市区

Shuimogou District 水磨沟区

Toutunhe District 头屯河区

Dabancheng District 达坂城区 43.383833, 88.288389

Midong District 米东区

Ürümqi County 乌鲁木齐县

2. Karamay City

Dushanzi District 独山子区 44.331648, 84.821874

Karamay District 克拉玛依区 45.533700, 84.796670

Baijiantan District 白碱滩区 45.698504, 85.156210

Orku District 乌尔禾区

3. Turpan City

Gaochang District 高昌区 42.960889, 89.21716742.946017, 89.23118242.950152, 89.24012742.953682, 89.238152

Shanshan County 鄯善县 42.880909, 90.132269

Toksun County 托克逊县

3. Hami City

Yizhou District 伊州区 42.811472, 93.433611

Barkol County 巴里坤县

Yiwu County 伊吾县

4. Changji Prefecture

Changji city 昌吉市 44.101911, 86.996106

Fukang city 阜康市 44.196194, 87.874286

Hutubi County 呼图壁县 44.206923, 86.893920

Manas County 玛纳斯县 44.329306, 86.160519

Qitai County 奇台县

Jimsar County 吉木萨尔县

Mori County 木垒县

5. Bortala Prefecture

Bole city 博乐市

Alashankoucity 阿拉山口市

Jinghe County 精河县

Wenquan County 温泉县

6. Bayingolin Prefecture

Korla city 库尔勒市 41.705044, 86.283372

Luntai County 轮台县

Yuli County 尉犁县 41.373725, 86.318747

Ruoqiang County 若羌县

Qiemo County 且末县 38.104943, 85.574115

Yanqi County 焉耆县

Hejing County 和静县 42.311591, 86.310317

Hoxud County 和硕县

Bohu County 博湖县

7. Aksu Prefecture

Aksu city 阿克苏市 41.117222, 80.16175041.124182, 80.172647

Wensu County 温宿县 41.344615, 80.24148941.266701, 80.247408*

Kuqa County 库车县 41.731278, 83.00861141.753920, 83.019399

Xayar County 沙雅县 41.192463, 82.73932141.233676, 82.835233

Xinhe County 新和县

Baicheng County 拜城县

Wushi County 乌什县

Awat County 阿瓦提县

Kalpin County 柯坪县

8. Kizilsu Prefecture

Artux city 阿图什市 39.642389, 75.99469439.639799, 75.99512639.669080, 76.091044

Akto County 阿克陶县 39.147917, 75.95222239.260278, 76.001764

Akqi County 阿合奇县

Wuqia County 乌恰县

9. Kashgar Prefecture

Kashgar city 喀什市 39.431667, 76.055750 , 39.457111, 76.041944*, 39.456833, 75.975333* , 39.469306, 75.969472*, 39.451806, 76.110250

Shufu County 疏附县 39.359194, 75.863889 ; 39.33253536,75.68783723

Shule County 疏勒县 39.358111, 76.051139 ; 39.382061, 76.072503*; 39.380806, 76.078222 ; 39.410674, 76.13295939.407461, 76.094108;

Yengisar County 英吉沙县 38.937523, 76.05879638.960800, 76.156387

Zepu County 泽普县 38.086181, 77.112836

Shache County 莎车县 38.351695, 77.30574038.317354, 77.21057938.362843, 77.22569938.411947, 77.14444238.362651, 77.12096238.365028, 77.11986138.460150, 77.46743938.678054, 77.30483938.236269, 77.096636

Yecheng County 叶城县 37.916778, 77.35147237.851194, 77.437028

Makit County 麦盖提县 38.837583, 77.70747238.880546, 77.656862

Yopurga County 岳普湖县

Jiashi County 伽师县 39.538611, 76.71391739.438250, 76.74047239.488704, 76.706074

Bachu County 巴楚县 39.825278, 78.550111*; 39.818870, 78.51851939.812540, 78.556033

Taxkorgan County 塔什库尔干县

10. Hotan Prefecture

Hotan city 和田市 37.111806, 79.970833*; 37.163833, 79.86691737.130112, 79.971045

Hotan County 和田县 37.249778, 79.84805637.235631, 79.836379; 37.239629, 79.850156;

Moyu County 墨玉县 37.111861, 79.64191737.252194, 79.72188937.227560, 79.73481537.259190, 79.747715

Pishan County 皮山县

Lop County 洛浦县 37.101962, 80.179048

Qira County 策勒县 36.982383, 80.81375336.964510, 80.813332

Yutian County 于田县 36.800339, 81.83290936.835777, 81.755686

Minfeng County 民丰县

11. Ili Prefecture

Yining city 伊宁市 43.977428, 81.13883043.870143, 81.383824

Kuytun city 奎屯市 44.412373, 85.070769

Korgas city 霍尔果斯市

Yining County 伊宁县 43.974431, 81.49615644.000237, 81.53337743.980717, 81.535563

Qapqal County 察布查尔县 43.839905, 81.164962

Huocheng County 霍城县 44.025250, 80.87408344.058975, 80.849792

Gongliu County 巩留县 43.517357, 82.209137

Xinyuan County 新源县

Zhaosu County 昭苏县 43.149514, 81.10932043.182521, 81.135026

Tekes County 特克斯县

Nilka County 尼勒克县 43.798260, 82.487920

12. Tacheng Prefecture

Tacheng city 塔城市 46.717771, 82.955078

Usu city 乌苏市 44.421126, 84.670065

Emin County 额敏县

Shawan County 沙湾县 44.346051, 85.629137

Toli County 托里县

Yumin County 裕民县

Hoboksar County 和布克赛尔县

13. Altay prefecture

Altay city 阿勒泰市

Burqin County 布尔津县

Fuyun County 富蕴县

Fuhai County 福海县

Habahe County 哈巴河县

Qinghe County 青河县

Jeminay County 吉木乃县

14. Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Shihezi city 石河子市

Aral city 阿拉尔市

Tumxuk city 图木舒克市

Wujiaqu city 五家渠市

Beitun city 北屯市

Tiemenguancity 铁门关市

Shuanghe city 双河市

Kokdala city 可克达拉市

Kunyu city 昆玉市

* means camps are likely not in use any more